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13 January 2009 @ 01:21 pm
its time for something deep: easy.  
its so easy to hate isnt it? easy to laugh at someone, easy to point them out as the odd one, easy to freaking put someone down. but its even easier to laugh with someone, even easier to be someones friend so theyre not the odd one out, and its even easier to compliment someone for once.
eveything is so fucking easy in life for you, isnt it? youre an a+ student at school, you have tons of friends, your family has so much extra money you all could go to disney three times over, and no one has ever stabbed you in the back with a freshly sharpened knife.
but guess what. while youre wallowing around in your perfectly easy life, you dont realize that your best friend could be the opposite of you, no matter how many fake laughs and plastic smiles you get from them, they could be rotting away from pain on the inside.
i know someone, who has had it harder than any one i know. harder than i could imagine. and i would have never guessed it. he was shy, he was quiet, he seemed like he was easy to talk to. but i soon found out that he wasnt all mellow and happy. when i met him, i almost took him for granted, honestly. i was thinking, 'o, another friend who could potentially start lieing to me about everything. if we dont get along then o well.' but.... as i got to know him, he began to open up to me about everything hes gone through, seen, and done. i was shocked. from that moment on i never took him for granted. i cherished his friendship and was thankful that he was still alive today so he could become friends with me.
it fucking sucks ass when you are having a hard time at the moment, and your friend is bragging about how amazing their day was, while youre ignoring them and only thinking about the pain thats coursing through your veins. you want to slap the shit out of that person, but theyre not the person you want to explain yourself to. so you sit there and take it.
imagine if you didnt have all of your riches and were left with fifty bucks on the street with nothing but that money and the clothes on your back. what do you do then? youre so fucking used to having the material things in your life, that you have no idea how to survive in desperate situations. youve never even heard stories about people in desperate situations.
open your eyes and see the problems in your life. yeah, you have the latest ipod, a seemingly unlimited ammount of money, and glamour. so what? whats the use of all that if youre surrounded by lies? there isnt. what are you doing to do? buy all of your friends? yeah, thatll work, and right after you pay them, youll be surrounded by plastic smiles and fake laughs. have fun with your fucking perfect life.

im going to go be a real friend to people.

Current Mood: gloomygloomy
Current Music: november - silverstein