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12 January 2009 @ 08:16 pm
the catcher in the rye.  
ive been wanting to read that for a looong time now. but i dont want to check out a book from the library that doesnt have an AR test.
hmmm... maybe it doesnt because its full of sexual things and teen agnst? maybe thats it. ha.
im bored so im just going to make up a list of things to do when youre bored:

1. glue a dollar or a quarter to the floor and watch people try to pick it up.
2. walk through your house singing britney spears songs.
3. jump up and down until you lose weight.
4. prank call people and dont hide your number.
5. stare at someone until they turn around and when they do say, 'guess what.' then theyll say 'what.' and dont say another word until they walk away.
6. find an ant and burn it with a magnifying glass.
7. find another ant and tape half of it to the ground and watch it try to escape.
8. call your best friend and say 'why did you call me!? IF YOU CALL ME AGAIN ILL RAPE YOU.' if they call back tell them youre going to rape them.
9. do everything that causes bad luck.
10. make a list of things to do then put 'make of list of things to do' on the bottom of it.

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: the sound of the computer engine :O