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Don't blame me for falling in love with you...

... you're the one who tripped me. ♥

Kelso Is The Most Amazing Girl In The World, She Always Can Me Smile.She Can Draw Better Than Anyone I Know, And Also Write Better Than You,She Is Outgoing, Artistic, And Is Thrustable, She Has A Big Heart, And Is Super Smart, (That Rymed). She Loves Sharpies,Emo Hermet Crab, Stalkers Outside Her Window, And Has A Boyfriend Named Tyler Who Makes Gingers Very Angry,
Kelsey Has Alot Of Friends, But Her Favorite Is Definitly Chrisite, Because They Are True Thrust Buddies Forever,
Kelsey Dislikes, Childish Movies, Liars, Pokemon, Yellow Shoes, Superman, Crazy Bitches With BlueTooth Headsets And When People Run Out Of Gum,
She Likes, Tyler, Horror Movies, The Bitch That Works At Pacsun, And Mints, Kelsey Will Be A Vegetarian Again Someday Because She Loves Animals, She Has A Strange Taste In Music, Her Favorite Song Ever Is The Vagina Song, And PacMan On Crack, She Could Never Get Raped Because She May Look Weak But She Has Hidden Strengh, She Fucking LOVES To Get Into Fights With Random Black People, Her Fonts On Aim Change Weekly And She Has Hair That I'm Planning To Steal On A Rainy Tuesday, Which Is The Day That Me And Her Figured Out That Most Guys Masturbate On, Except Tyler. On That Disturbing Note, Kelso Is A Fine Piece Of Ass, And A Amazing Best Friend.
I Love You Kelsey! Thrust, Christie. <3
30 seconds to mars, 3oh3, 666, a heartwell being, aditl, aerosmith, afi, aids, alesana, alice in chains, all time low, amy winehouse, angel spit, apple juice, arttm, as blood runs black, atfeh, atreyu, august burns red, avenge seven fold, avril lavigne, black, black eyed peasant, black nail polish, blink 182, blood, blue october, boners, bowling for soup, boxers, bright eyes, brokencyde, brooke hogan, bullet for my valentine, cavalry kids, chapstick, charlotte sometimes, converse, crank, dance gavin dance, dane cook, dead poetic, dear whoever, devil driver, disturbed, drowning pool, duffy, duncan sheik, eminem, eyeliner, family force 5, five finger death punch, four letter lie, funeral for a friend, george thorogood, god forbid, gray, gym class heroes, halloween, hatebreed, hawthorne heights, hinder, hollywood undead, hoobastank, horrorpops, house, iktpq, insane clown posse, jamisonparker, jeans, jeffree star, jelly bracelets, job for a cowboy, just surrender, katy perry, kill hannah, kissing, lady gaga, leona lewis, linkin park, loud music, lovehatehero, madeline, maria mena, marilyn manson, martina mcbride, metallica, metro station, millionaires, mindless self indulgence, murderdolls, music, nickleback, nine inch nails, owl city, papa roach, paramore, pink, plain white ts, plumb, poison the well, poptarts, porcelain and the tramps, project 86, puddle of mudd, rammstein, razor blades, red, remembering never, remembering sunday, rob zombie, saliva, secondhand serenade, secret and whisper, senses fail, shadows fall, sharpies, shiney toy guns, simple plan, slipknot, small happy trails, something corporate, sr-71, staind, stephanie meyer, stitches, stolen candy, stolen items, story of the year, system of a down, the all-american rejects, the almost, the bloodhound gang, the dresden dolls, the medic droid, the red jumpsuit apparatus, the used, three days grace, thrice, thrustt, thursday, tickle me pink, tokio hotel, trapt, underoath, vampires, white, winter, with broken wings, xxx