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28 January 2009 @ 03:22 pm
the octopussys bellybutton is full of lint :O  
haha, im so weirddd.
anywayyy... ms phillips is a freak.
i was in fifth period (library aid) and ms phillips (reading) was in the library all day.
and recently i got bangs, and she decided to comment on them.
she said 'where did you get your bangs done?' im like 'i did them myself.' shes like 'do you blow them out?' im like 'sometimes.' shes like 'well you should blow them to the right.' im like 'i like them straight down.' shes like 'i know, if you blow them to the right they wont go to the left.' and i was confused about what she was saying so im like 'uhhh.... okay....' then later she commented on the ring my boyfriend gave me for christmas. well... more like took.
after the bangs thing, she saw my ring and was all like 'ooo, thats pretty.' then without asking she took it off my finger then put it on her left ring finger... why that finger i havent a clue. anyway, she said it was pretty again then gave it back. ms phillips is weird. like... really weird. xD
i told tyler about it and hes all like 'ill kick her ass.' im like 'omg, of course you would.' hes like 'i will.'
soooo.... my teacher is a psycho, and my boyfriend wants to kick her ass.... lovely (:

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