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18 January 2009 @ 05:19 pm
what a night.  
last night i slept over christies and it was so hilareous!
we started off listening to music and doing our hair then took random pictures of ourselves. after that we ate tacos that we turns into salads cause we dont know how to eat taco bowls. xD then me her and candance all went for a walk to jesuss seat and talked about boys and school... strangely. and edward cullen and how hes just a fictional character. we took more pictures. (: then we walked back to christies house and passed a guy walking his dogs at 9 o clock at night. we got back then i had to teach christie the hardcore soulja boy dance cause shes a loser (: when we got bored we went out to the living room and watched christies dad epicly fail at quantom of solace then killed eachother in some game and killed aliens in resistance. now is when the fun starts ;D christie and i started to play with fire cause we got bored. we found out that potatoes and tofu are not flammable! and matches do not light sparklers when its cold outside. so dont try. haha. so then i told christie that you can get high off of nutmeg and she looked it up and we found all these ways to get high with the things in your house. my favorite was nailpolish. lmao. she stuck with sharpies xD i dont remember much after that. i know we danced to micheal jacksons beat it and video taped us dancing randomly. and we chewed a lot of gum. like alot. like... a pack and a half. anyway, then we listened to music and searched the web randomly. then i got the idea of going into chatrooms. so she went to blog tv and we asked people weird questions like 'what does an erection feel like?' and 'do you choke your chicken?' it was hilareous. then we found this one guy and he was a soldier and we made him laugh a lot. then a random person came into the room and sent us a link. we clicked it and uncloable gay old man porn popped up! it wouldnt go away!!! we were scarred for life with that shitt. once we finally closed the porn, we talked to the soldier till me and christie both fell asleep both half high and left the computer on. hahaha. so then we woke up at the same time at ten or something then at two, then we both finally woke up at 4 and ate nasty cinnemon raisin mini bagels. :X. what a freaking night, xD

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Christaay!christaaycrunk on January 22nd, 2009 09:48 pm (UTC)
That was amazing <3

old men porn!