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31 January 2009 @ 11:36 am
You know what's scary? Just before I logged in, I was thinking about what should happen to my body after I die, then thinking it would be funny if that were the writer's block today. And.... whoa! It is!
Anyway, I think I would want to be buried with a pentagram necklace in my hand. I wouldn't want to be cremated or anything like that because what if I found a way to become a zombie? I want a body... no, I NEED a body to be a zombie. Ha.

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28 January 2009 @ 03:22 pm
haha, im so weirddd.
anywayyy... ms phillips is a freak.
i was in fifth period (library aid) and ms phillips (reading) was in the library all day.
and recently i got bangs, and she decided to comment on them.
she said 'where did you get your bangs done?' im like 'i did them myself.' shes like 'do you blow them out?' im like 'sometimes.' shes like 'well you should blow them to the right.' im like 'i like them straight down.' shes like 'i know, if you blow them to the right they wont go to the left.' and i was confused about what she was saying so im like 'uhhh.... okay....' then later she commented on the ring my boyfriend gave me for christmas. well... more like took.
after the bangs thing, she saw my ring and was all like 'ooo, thats pretty.' then without asking she took it off my finger then put it on her left ring finger... why that finger i havent a clue. anyway, she said it was pretty again then gave it back. ms phillips is weird. like... really weird. xD
i told tyler about it and hes all like 'ill kick her ass.' im like 'omg, of course you would.' hes like 'i will.'
soooo.... my teacher is a psycho, and my boyfriend wants to kick her ass.... lovely (:

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27 January 2009 @ 08:18 pm
there are two sides to a last name. a good side and a bad one.
the good side on my last name, bougard, is that its unique and no one has heard of it.
the down side is that i cant find its origin anywhere!!
its so uncommon, i have to use bogart for a definition.
but what i have found is that i may be dutch. i already know that im canadian and norwegian.
so i feel pale (:

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18 January 2009 @ 05:19 pm
last night i slept over christies and it was so hilareous!
we started off listening to music and doing our hair then took random pictures of ourselves. after that we ate tacos that we turns into salads cause we dont know how to eat taco bowls. xD then me her and candance all went for a walk to jesuss seat and talked about boys and school... strangely. and edward cullen and how hes just a fictional character. we took more pictures. (: then we walked back to christies house and passed a guy walking his dogs at 9 o clock at night. we got back then i had to teach christie the hardcore soulja boy dance cause shes a loser (: when we got bored we went out to the living room and watched christies dad epicly fail at quantom of solace then killed eachother in some game and killed aliens in resistance. now is when the fun starts ;D christie and i started to play with fire cause we got bored. we found out that potatoes and tofu are not flammable! and matches do not light sparklers when its cold outside. so dont try. haha. so then i told christie that you can get high off of nutmeg and she looked it up and we found all these ways to get high with the things in your house. my favorite was nailpolish. lmao. she stuck with sharpies xD i dont remember much after that. i know we danced to micheal jacksons beat it and video taped us dancing randomly. and we chewed a lot of gum. like alot. like... a pack and a half. anyway, then we listened to music and searched the web randomly. then i got the idea of going into chatrooms. so she went to blog tv and we asked people weird questions like 'what does an erection feel like?' and 'do you choke your chicken?' it was hilareous. then we found this one guy and he was a soldier and we made him laugh a lot. then a random person came into the room and sent us a link. we clicked it and uncloable gay old man porn popped up! it wouldnt go away!!! we were scarred for life with that shitt. once we finally closed the porn, we talked to the soldier till me and christie both fell asleep both half high and left the computer on. hahaha. so then we woke up at the same time at ten or something then at two, then we both finally woke up at 4 and ate nasty cinnemon raisin mini bagels. :X. what a freaking night, xD

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17 January 2009 @ 01:55 pm
would i rather be comfortable or in style? comfortable of course!
my style usually consists of jeans, a t shirt, bracelets, rings, tons of eyeliner and maybe a bobby pin or two in my hair.
simple, and stylish. well, i think so.
fashion magazines would be all like 'omg, ew, trashhh!'
but you know what? FUCK YOU SOCIETY.
i follow my own rules of fashion.
rule number one: dont follow the trends.
rule number two: buy stylish stuff for five dollars, not five hundred dollars.
rule number three: be fearless of what you wear.

xkem. (:
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14 January 2009 @ 05:33 pm
ive always wondered how good of a kisser i am.
like... am i just a virginess girl that has no idea how to kiss or am i a virginess girl with a natural talent of tongue rubbing? :O
hmm... i meant to ask tyler but i forgot D: and he was just here like ten minutes ago.
now hes probably eating something... or being told to eat something. anywhoo...
is there like some random test you can take that can tell you how good of a kisser you are?
i hope there is... cause im curious and bored. and those do not mix when youre blonde, xD.
*sigh* this post feels so short. i need things to talk about.... uhmm....
the ikki twins are ikkie (:
that show is such a flop. i mean... 'identical' (even tho they say theyre different) bisexual twins out to find love by visiting the person theyre datings house dressed like sluts.
hmm... i guess this post is decent enough. so ill click post now.... wait... ill click post after i do the editing shittt.

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13 January 2009 @ 01:21 pm
its so easy to hate isnt it? easy to laugh at someone, easy to point them out as the odd one, easy to freaking put someone down. but its even easier to laugh with someone, even easier to be someones friend so theyre not the odd one out, and its even easier to compliment someone for once.
eveything is so fucking easy in life for you, isnt it? youre an a+ student at school, you have tons of friends, your family has so much extra money you all could go to disney three times over, and no one has ever stabbed you in the back with a freshly sharpened knife.
but guess what. while youre wallowing around in your perfectly easy life, you dont realize that your best friend could be the opposite of you, no matter how many fake laughs and plastic smiles you get from them, they could be rotting away from pain on the inside.
i know someone, who has had it harder than any one i know. harder than i could imagine. and i would have never guessed it. he was shy, he was quiet, he seemed like he was easy to talk to. but i soon found out that he wasnt all mellow and happy. when i met him, i almost took him for granted, honestly. i was thinking, 'o, another friend who could potentially start lieing to me about everything. if we dont get along then o well.' but.... as i got to know him, he began to open up to me about everything hes gone through, seen, and done. i was shocked. from that moment on i never took him for granted. i cherished his friendship and was thankful that he was still alive today so he could become friends with me.
it fucking sucks ass when you are having a hard time at the moment, and your friend is bragging about how amazing their day was, while youre ignoring them and only thinking about the pain thats coursing through your veins. you want to slap the shit out of that person, but theyre not the person you want to explain yourself to. so you sit there and take it.
imagine if you didnt have all of your riches and were left with fifty bucks on the street with nothing but that money and the clothes on your back. what do you do then? youre so fucking used to having the material things in your life, that you have no idea how to survive in desperate situations. youve never even heard stories about people in desperate situations.
open your eyes and see the problems in your life. yeah, you have the latest ipod, a seemingly unlimited ammount of money, and glamour. so what? whats the use of all that if youre surrounded by lies? there isnt. what are you doing to do? buy all of your friends? yeah, thatll work, and right after you pay them, youll be surrounded by plastic smiles and fake laughs. have fun with your fucking perfect life.

im going to go be a real friend to people.

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12 January 2009 @ 08:16 pm
ive been wanting to read that for a looong time now. but i dont want to check out a book from the library that doesnt have an AR test.
hmmm... maybe it doesnt because its full of sexual things and teen agnst? maybe thats it. ha.
im bored so im just going to make up a list of things to do when youre bored:

1. glue a dollar or a quarter to the floor and watch people try to pick it up.
2. walk through your house singing britney spears songs.
3. jump up and down until you lose weight.
4. prank call people and dont hide your number.
5. stare at someone until they turn around and when they do say, 'guess what.' then theyll say 'what.' and dont say another word until they walk away.
6. find an ant and burn it with a magnifying glass.
7. find another ant and tape half of it to the ground and watch it try to escape.
8. call your best friend and say 'why did you call me!? IF YOU CALL ME AGAIN ILL RAPE YOU.' if they call back tell them youre going to rape them.
9. do everything that causes bad luck.
10. make a list of things to do then put 'make of list of things to do' on the bottom of it.

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09 January 2009 @ 01:46 pm
megans coming tonight. cao;gd;fcvijar!
ughhh... WHY? why doesnt she just fucking move back in and not have to waste gas every two weeks??
she was JUST HERE before school started. like wtf.
i hate her. i want someone to burn her face off. anyway...

tonight i might go to the movies with tyler. but idk. my moms being a bitch and wont drive me and him to vero.
maybe my dad will take me.... =/
but if he cant me and tyler will just chill at my place or his house.


ps... im hungry. xD
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06 January 2009 @ 08:24 pm
remember the story chapter i posted a few entries back? well... im working on chapter two but im stuck D;
i feel like i have no idea how to write anymore. im getting stuck just writing this.
UGHH. acvnl;rufvnakldigjaeorhn4tqpr8 ufgqw3ip4ty e9pr8ae;kjvhnsdf!!!!!
i need to get over this horrid writers block.

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